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Mrs RW

Thankfully you didn't rush over and pound the little bugger into dust, which is what I'm sure your inner Father was urging you to do.

It's too sad that this is how children learn that not everyone is as loving and open as they are.

It'll be a few more years until you can explain this to S and how she can react.

I hurt for you.


Oh, how I feel your rage, and your fear.

D is just a joy, a little creature full of excitement, interest and generosity. And there's part of me feels that makes her even more of a target to The Horrible. How much funnier to watch her fall further. I just hope people don't think like that - or that her sunny disposition will mean she bounces back so quickly it doesn't matter.

The resilience to deal with someone that's just a git for the sake of it is something I didn't have when I was young, and I'm not sure how strong my skills are now. But hopefully by passing on what I managed to learn she'll be one step further ahead than I was.


It is horrible watching Life wash over them, isn't there? But as both of you intimate, we simply do the best we can.


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