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Mrs RW

I laughed when I read this. Then tonight older daughter called to say that Princess Granddaughter (4 1/2) threw her first ( and I hope last) temper tantrum in a crowded restaurant during the dinner rush. 100-decibel full-out screaming, stiff arms/legs, full-Nelson wrestle into the car seat, and this after she nearly toppled a patron carrying a tray full of food.

Definitely one of those times I'm so-o-o glad I'm a grandparent and not the parent.


Ooof. That sounds wearying. I'm told my mother got so desperate with my sister she left her in her pram at the bottom of the garden to scream while she went to sleep for an hour or so, otherwise she feared she'd lose the plot!

I'm sure it's a phase. Good luck...


4 1/2 and her first tantrum?! I suspect your granddaughter is indeed a wonder child, Mrs RW! Still, a crowded restaurant is a good place for her debut!

Ah, the pram at the bottom of the garden solution. Lots of people swear by it. Neighbours mostly!

And you'll be pleased to hear we haven't had a full scale meltdown for five days six days now!


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