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All that fun and not a single stinging nettle in sight.


At last your ascent is complete. Perhaps a deerstalker would be a more appropriate choice than a cycle helment*.

*Of course I accept no responsibility for any injuries sustained by following any advice I may proffer.


Hurrah - my cycling evangelism has been infectious!!!!

Just don't forget the neon jacket and proper lights to keep you safe though.


Would Falling Down of been a better movie had Michael Douglas cycled home?

Lets see how long it is until you give in to your desires and just cycle everywhere!? Including around your own home/down to your local.


Ah, but Jon, such was my desire to recapture those days, I went out of my way to find some stinging weeds. Ah, the nostalgia of it all...

A deerstalker sounds a grand idea, James. It'd certainly help keep the hair out of my eyes as I fly down the golden streets.

LondonGirl, I had no idea you were a fellow rider. Clearly some subliminal messaging going on.

Rob, you've got something there. Maybe for Falling Down 2, Douglas could vent his fury from the saddle of a folding bike. I like it.

I like your suggestion about cycling around the house too. Two rotations and I'd travel the entire width or length. Just need to master the stairs now...


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