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Incurable Insomniac

Hot dogs contain sodium earthabates, which contain earthworms. We've survived.

I love your blog by the way. I found you through Chasing Vincenzo.


Mrs RW

You call yourself a parent!! Oh, I despair, I really do. In the future I'd look VERY carefully at anything T serves you for dinner.


You're right, Insomniac, that's nothing wrong with eating earthworms - how many poorly birds do you see? (And thank you for your kind words about the blog - Mr RW has a lot to answer for!)

And you're right, Mrs Rw, there's nothing right with eating earthworms - how many happy fish do you see?



This will, of course, be something to tell S when she's a teenager.


All kids eat worms at some point, surely? a rite of passage I like to think. And as Thursday puts it, a particularly fine story with which to embarrass her as a teenager.

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