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What train is it you take again?

Incurable Insomniac

And I thought only we Americans bred this type of self-centered arrogance.

How appalling!


It's always the wrong train, Rob!

And I'm afraid that no one nation can claim arrogance, Insomniac, although these three were really trying to tip the balance!


Pirate 2 b

I expect no one wanted to shag her because of her fucking awful whining voice!! Was she cute?


There are way too many aussies who say things like that. If home's so fffing marvellous, why don't they fff of back there eh?


No, I'm afraid one couldn't describe her as cute, Pirate. Many things but not cute.

Well said, LondonGirl. One up side - everywhere else is slightly quieter which makes holidays so much more relaxing!


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