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Instructors!? pah - who needs them?! I remember you on my second and last jump kindly adjusting my parachute fastenings for me.

Not many would be so kind, particularly when they'd had no training in that area.

I say 'go solo' from here on in


Funny that. My gliding instructor used to be busy a lot too...I like to think he was intimidated by my natural ability.


Are you sure your life insurance is in order? I think 5 million pounds is the LEAST amount you need.


Jon, Jon, Jon. You know me, always give, give, give. I like to think I helped you in some small way. But hang it, you're right! Phooey to knowledge and understanding. Phooey to flimsy silk. Next time, I will rely on the Force alone...

LondonGirl, we are clearly peas out of the same pod. It must be difficult for these so-called 'professionals' to deal with startling ability such as ours. As Jon, will agree I'm sure, I'd be happy to offer advice on your next glide. And if you have any suggestions about my next jump...

Oh, Mrs RW, don't worry. We have Pet Insurance, I'm sure I'm covered. I certainly have free trips to the vet periodically.


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