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Like the direct approach. These gyms need to realise we don't need them. And anyway, a brisk walk round the park with S pushing the pram regularly will sort you out. and put more of a smile on your face too


You bl**dy fool!!!

They'll find you, oh yes - they'll find you ..... Do you seriously think you can outrun them?!

No-one escapes. No-one.

(good move!)


Not sure that I don't need a gym, LondonGirl. Certainly need the exercise but the whole pram idea is a good one. I might invest in one of those all-terrain buggies and try a bit off roading too!

Jon - Thankfully no-one knows who I am and I have taken the precaution of moving house and surgery. Got to go there's a knock at the door...

Mrs RW

Been there, done that, bought the sweatshirt.

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