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Mrs RW

Happy belated birthday, Scarlett!! Carlton, you should be ashamed of yourself referring to her darling little posterior as a "fat arse"!! When she grows up to be bulimic/anorexic we'll all know who to blame!

the boy who likes to

Happy Birthday to S.


Happy Birthday Scarlett! She's looking more like you every day, but with more hair. She's lovely though. And how many toys did she get that Daddy wanted for himself?


Happy Birthday Scarlett!


Happy Birthday indeed. She sounds to be sufficiently intelligent to have worked out how to have mum and dad on toast. Good on her. Now just take her to toddler groups where there are hot boys and she'll be toddling across the room to meet them before you know it.

slight flaw in the plan is that that would set your blood pressure alight, no?

Tee hee... the pleasures to come.


Thank you all. I know Little S would have wanted to reply personally but since she can't reach the keyboard yet, I'll have to do.

Mrs RW - I never said her fat arse was a bad thing! It suits her very well and I'm sure that as she grows it will naturally assume slimmer proportions!

Caryl - S wanted a train set and car jack. I'm simply looking after them until she can appreciate them.

And LondonGirl - she's already developing a healthy attitude to boys - if they get too bothersome, start pawing at her or stealing her toys, she bats them in the face. Quite right too.

And thanks again.

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