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Mrs RW

Painful, isn't it? Not the giving away part. The part where you start looking for a new car and realize that a new car now costs twice the price of what you paid for the old one; and that's for the basic model. If you want optional equipment, oh say, wheels and an engine, that'll cost you another arm and leg.

The good news: now that you're a "family man" you'll certainly want to be looking at practical, safe vehicles. Think beige Volvo... with 6 airbags and plenty of room for S's carseat and her future soccer friends that you'll be ferrying to and fro.

I'm sorry to say your days of dreaming about buying a red Porsche are long gone...well, maybe not; dreams are all you have left.


Take her stock car racing for a final hurrah. It's she'd want.

Or better still, take her here -


May she rust in peace.

My car's started making strange noises but I've managed to fix it by turning the stereo up very loud. I'll have a look at your too if you like? It's not a problem


That's one of the cheeriest notes anyone has ever left, Mrs RW!!! Dreams would be fine - because dreams would indicate that I was getting some sleep. Now there's a dream!

Jon, I wish you'd be on hand at the moment of crisis. Your stereo fix sounds like it would have sorted everything out. And knowing what a mechanical genius you are, a quick look over by your trained eye would make me feel much better.

Sadly some might say that my normal style of driving so closely resembles Stock Car Racing that that is the cause of the current problem.


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