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Sleep deprivation and worry are horrific - particularly when combined. Can I suggest begging a good friend to take S out for a couple of hours so you two can have a nap?

I hope she gets better soon.

Mrs RW

I almost hesitate to suggest this, but your post brings back painful memories. I bet S is allergic to the cat. My kids had endless 'colds' and ear infections non-stop. Once the cat was gone, voila! Instant healthy kids. That's why she did so well on vacation -- no cat. It's worth looking into. Or give away S and keep the cat but I bet T doesn't go along with that one.


You know what LondonGirl, that's not half a bad idea! And although it might make me sound like a bad parent, I might take S to nursery one day soon and go straight back to bed!

I'm not sure our stupid moggy is the culprit for baby's illness Mrs RW but he does seem to get in the way and cause more trouble than I can ever remember him doing before. Trouble is, as he's already so old, the only place for him to go now would be the glue factory and we haven't quite reached that stage. Yet. c.

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