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Mrs RW

We have those coin machines here, too, in the US. They're called "CoinStar" but the buggers don't give you actual money, just a coupon to apply to a purchase at that store, or on e-bay, etc. What a rip-off! You can only cash in your coins if you immediately spend the money at the sponsor's store! Even though the people at the bank cringe when they see you carrying in your hoard of coin, at least you get real money back at the end of the transaction.

I have a piggy-bank that my spare change goes into for the granddaughter. I have an odd idea that she'll be able to use the money for something special. School, maybe? More likely a trip to the toy store.


I don't like the sound of those CoinStar machines, Mrs RW. Where's the fun in vouchers?!

And your granddaughter's piggy bank - it must be enormous if you can even consider she might use the cash for school!!! c.

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