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the boy who likes to

What!?! No minibar?

Mrs RW

Did you happen to notice that the Vicar's daughter and the Rough Farmhand finally "do it" on page 165? No? Well, it's always that way -- keeps you reading until the last chapter. Now I can send you my cases of used romance novels. Thanks, C!


Didn't want to risk the minibar, Boy. You know what elderly mothers can be like - one whiff of sherry and there's a torrent of loud and filthy rugby songs. And by the time she goes off to her own room to sleep, we're good for absolutely nothing!

Mrs RW, to be honest, I found the whole story so touching that by page 164, I could barely read the words through my tears. Looking forward to the delivery of your well-thumbed and, I daresay, tear-stained novels.


Tired dad

Take my word for it, cottages are the answer. One room for the baby, the rest of the house for you. Go wild.


That's definitely the way to go, Tired Dad. There aren't many cottages out here but there could be a market if you know any builders...


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