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Mrs RW

You may have to give up on the kitty door and resort to a litter pan. Our daughter has 2 cats (which means that as long as she lives here, so do they) that are every bit as ungrateful as yours. Storm, the spawn of Satan, loves to knock over half-filled glasses of liquid which tends to warp the finish on fine furniture. So I have to police the tables prior to going to bed.

The other feline, Karma, spends her days covering every inch of upholstery with fine, gray hair which defies vacuuming, sticky rollers, or special cat hair-remover gadgets.

Every once in a while one of the cats escapes through an open door. Unfortunately they always come back, howling piteously until someone lets them in.

Who invented cats anyway and what are they REALLY good for?


Oh Mrs RW, I've tried litter trays - horrible smelly things - and the cat didn't like it either. Still, bizarrely, I still love cats - except the interlopers of course!

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