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The Boy Who Likes To

Firstly, it goes without saying, glad to hear baby is ok,
but in a restaurant? haha that is amusing

Have you tried dipping food on carrot/biscuit sticks? Or does she just give you a "do you think Im stupid" look?


She's much too clever for that. But I think it amuses her to make Mummy and Daddy try increasingly ridiculous ruses. She sees through them every time. c.

Lynne Spryszak

Experienced parents, like me, for example, know that American babies will eat nothing except hot dogs, chicken McNuggets, and macaroni and cheese until they're at least 4. I'm sure there's the UK version, too, but the bottom line is: let S eat whatever she wants. She won't starve. God somehow planned it so that kids get their vitamin quotient from the most bizarre combinations of foods. Realize that vegetables are found everywhere: ketchup, mustard, french fries, and pickles. You're not a weird parent, she's just a normal baby.

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