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The Boy Who Likes To

I bought the missus a pig for Christmas. One of those charities were you pay for an animal to be sent to a 3rd World family.
So its like giving her a present without acutally handing her anything she could complain about. Easy.
My friend was given the name of a type of bag, the shop, number of the shop and hints on buying the bag from his missus. How about that for guidance.

Lynne Spryszak

1)Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING that plugs into an electrical socket is EVER good.
2)Free, good idea for a new mom: a voucher good for sleeping in late for the next 4 weekends. Also, an offer to let her do whatever she wants for 24 hours - without the baby OR the husband (lounge in the bath, read a book, manicure her nails and actually have time to let them dry, go shopping for something for her, etc.)
3)A night out with the girls no questions asked


Great ideas all round. I feel success next Christmas is guaranteed! c.

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