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The Boy Who Likes To

Your friends last comment does bring up some good points. For example, with super powers comes super responsilbilty (or somethign like that.)

If you have super powers you should be thinking how would I stop super criminals?


And there I was hoping to be entirely irresponsible! What would your Super Power be?


Wait - wouldn't that last superpower mean you'd have to spend your nights hanging around unsavoury areas waiting for muggers to kick off and into action, just so you can use the power? No fun, shurely!

And wouldn't they go away thinking "Man, that was easy!! Oh wait, I'm STILL thirty pounds short of my next crack/xbox fix... Oh well, if they were as easy as that then the next will be a doddle" And henceforth would begin a never ending cycle of attempted muggings and mental projections.

My power is being able to make five pound notes magically appear in my trouser pockets...

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