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Mrs RW

Just remember what a great idea you thought this was when S tells you she's going to do it...

The Boy Who Likes To

40 seconds? Thats not long at all. Some reason I always thought it would of been a bit longer. Not like minutes. Just longer.
Although it would be one of those times you wouldnt want to lose count :D


Our eldest daughter came home one day and surprised us by showing us a tape of her first jump without us knowing what we were about to see.

This is a background to my wife's comment above...



Hi Carlton! I stumbled on your post today - a bit late - but I really hope you don't give up on breaking into the skydiving "clique"! I jump here in the States, but want to wish you the best. Stick with it - we're all a bit socially retarded and social misfits, that's what brings us together :) Blue Skies!


And oh shit, I've just read your more recent posts. I'm so sorry for your loss. See, skydivers really are socially awkward, even online.

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