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Blimey, this quite upset me!

Mrs RW

I know people say that we don't need "things" to keep a memory alive, but I often think that without something tangible from a departed loved one, it's hard to remember that they were here, a daily part of our lives. It's almost as though I say "Were they really here or did I just imagine them?" Why can't all our memories be an endless series of DVD's that we could replay and experience again? Not the bad memories, of course, just the wonderful bits - a glance, a kiss or hug, a special scent, the feelings...


There are many wonderful memories at 366 myself also, today too far removed and too "grown up" (ie not a child) to visit with any sort of regularity. Memories from childhood are indeed etched into my heart and soul from years gone by...I miss those days. P

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